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Lose Belly Fat Fast with These 6 Effective Tips


Lose Belly Fat

Many people are troubled by obesity and increasing weight. The biggest trouble of weight gain is, of course, belly fat. When it comes to belly fat, the two primary causes are unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise. It is not enough to have a diet plan for weight loss, you need to start exercising as well. While in extreme cases, people may resort to surgery to reduce belly fat, most people have to look for tamer remedies.

Belly fat is also the most stubborn fat. Even though you may not have much fat in any other areas of the body, your belly might still stretch against your shirt buttons. Before we delve into the remedies for belly fat, let’s first understand what causes belly fat in the first place.

Causes of Belly Fat

Having a little fat around the stomach and hips is fine since they protect your bones from physical damage. But when this fat accumulates in excess, it can cause problems for you. Fat in the abdomen and waist region can have various causes. These are a few of the most common ones:

1. Poor diet

When you consume foods high in sugar and fat it can slow down your body's metabolism, cause weight gain and in turn prevent the body from losing weight.

2. Genetics

There are some fat cells in our body that grow genetically. So if your parents or someone close to your family has belly fat as a result of obesity, it can be inherited by you.

3. Hormonal changes

Usually, women face hormonal changes during which they can gain a lot of fat. Women who are over the age of 40 have to deal with menopause, where estrogen levels drop down and fat starts to accumulate.

4. Stress

A steroid hormone called cortisol helps the body regulate and deal with stress. When a person is in a state of high pressure, their body releases cortisol, and this can affect their metabolism. People reach for comfort food, especially when they're feeling stressed, and this results in the accumulation of extra fat around the belly and other areas of the body to be used later.

How to Lose Belly Fat

1. Exercise

Exercise is the best way to lose belly fat. As we exercise, our belly fat starts to reduce. If you have a sedentary lifestyle then you need to start exercising. This will burn more calories than your body consumes and you will feel more fit after some time. Try High-intensity interval training, commonly known as HIIT workout. This workout helps in strengthening the muscles along with weight loss. As the name suggests, it is a high-intensity workout exercise performed with little or no breaks in between. This exercise helps in weight loss, fat burning, boosting metabolism and strengthening the body.

2. Running

Apart from exercise, you can also focus on running. Staying active is very important to keep the body toned and fit. If you find it hard to exercise, include running in your daily routine. This is also a form of exercise. Running will not only keep your heart healthy, you will also be able to feel fit for a long time. If you are not used to running, then start by running only a few meters in the beginning. Instead of running fast, run slowly.

3. Avoid overeating

If you want to get rid of your increasing obesity, then pay special attention to your diet plan for weight loss. A healthy diet is the best way to lose belly fat. If you eat three times a day, our digestive system does not work properly. So, keep on eating little by little every two to three hours. This will also keep you safe from digestive troubles.

4. Do not drink water immediately after eating

Many people have a habit of drinking water immediately after eating food, which is a big reason for obesity. Let us tell you that it is not right to drink water after eating. Rather, you should drink water only 1 to 1½ hours after having a meal.

5. Do not skip breakfast

Breakfast is the most important diet of the day. Some people think that skipping breakfast leads to weight loss. This is not true. On the contrary, by not eating breakfast, our appetite increases and we tend to overeat, which leads to weight gain.

6. Drink honey

If you want to get rid of your belly fat, drink honey. Honey is very effective in reducing your obesity. You can drink honey mixed with lukewarm water every morning.

Finally, do not let your belly fat stress you out. Just try to adopt a more healthier lifestyle and eventually you will see the difference. Until then, be happy and proud of the body you have and enjoy your life!